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One Easy Way to Get 100 Per Day

It does require some work, but its very simple so can be outsourced if necessary. Its not particularly original, but I know it works as I use it for my main business which generates mid $XX,XXX a month in profits.

Step 1:
Find a niche. Doesnt really matter what it is, but preferably something popular where there will always be buyers and a variety of products to choose from. Something like weight loss would be fine. Then find products and their aff programs (clickbank would be fine for this) or any offers with a cpa network.
Step 2:
Create a review blog. Preferably you would want to use a proper domain as thats less likely to be flagged as spam. These cost a few bucks, as does hosting. Doesnt matter what the name of the site is, although it helps if it is targeted. And please buy a .com not a .info or something crap like that.

I will recommend to make it in Wordpress (there are tons of "review" themes out there) and add reviews of 3-5 popular products (its best if they are already popular - youll see why in a bit). Try make them sound like real reviews. You could also go down the route of the personal blog - "I tried these pills and lost X in Y weeks". Most things will work - just test different niches and different blog setups. Cloak your affiliate links and make sure they track correctly. If youre lazy, you can just rip reviews from some top review sites - just bear in mind its unlikely youll ever rank for keywords (if thats your intention down the line).
Step: 3
Setup Google Alerts for the following:

[product name] - for each different product you have reviewed
[your niche]
[competitor products]
[anything else thats relevant]

For how to use Google Alerts you can read more How to use Google Alerts for SEO Strategies

Step 4:
Check your G Alerts regularly.
Step 5:
If youve chosen a niche that is popular enough, you should get a ton of alerts like this. Usually they will be press releases, blog posts, forum posts so just make a note of all the URLs. If youre not getting at least 100 alerts per day, add some more products or find a new niche. The idea behind using Google Alerts is that you are one of the first people to comment on a forum thread/blog post and therefore will get more clicks.
Step 6:
Visit every URL and respond in some way to the post. If its a blog, comment with a link to your site. If its a forum (ideal) then do the same. Put some thought into your posts.
Dont just write "go to my site here plz www.xxx.com".
Something like "I always check out this website before buying any products in [niche name] - [website link]. My personal favourite is [product X - a random product from the review site] because [whatever, whatever, whatever]."
Its not too hard to get this past forum moderators if you are clever about it. Forums are great as they will get you instant traffic and they tend to rank really well.
Step 7:  Rinse and repeat
The beauty of this method is that it can be done in a ton of niches, its really easy to setup and you can get traffic instantly.
"Why did you call it SEO-jacking"? Well - most of these posts will start ranking for your keywords after a while so by already being on that page, you can leverage off their rankings in the long term.
So short term: direct traffic from the forums/blogs.
Longer term: direct traffic once the posts start to rank.
This is REALLY easy and anyone can do it. Theres no reason at all why you cant make $100 a day doing this. It will bring residual income and you dont have to spend months waiting for your sites to start ranking only to drop again when Google changes their algo!

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