Sabtu, 28 Mei 2016

How To Cover Up Acne and Breakouts

Still battling breakouts? 

Women of all ages can suffer from acne, and its a lot easier to cover acne than you might think. "You dont have to use a lot of heavy makeup or create a mask-like appearance, to cover blemishes," says Carmindy the makeup artist from TLCs What Not To Wear. 

Thanks to her simple tips, covering up blemishes is as easy as one, two, three. Watch the video for all of Carmindys pro tips, and click through the gallery for step-by-step instructions for how to cover acne. 
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Getting Rid of freckles

Can you get rid of freckles without surgery or cosmetic procedures? Short answer: yes.

Freckles… freckles… freckles. People who don’t have them want them, but for most of us who have them, we’d rather do without these ‘beauty spots’. Freckles are nothing more than concentrated deposits of melanin (the pigment in our skin). The bad news is that the cheaper and most natural freckle removal methods won’t take freckles away over night, but the good news is that there are things that we can do to fade them away, to the point where most of them disappear forever. Here are 2 solutions that you can look into to get rid of those ‘sun kisses’.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice acts similarly to a bleach when it is contact with the skin because it is acidic. Because of the acidity, it works as a mild exfoliator, removing a small portion of the lop layer of skin onto which it is applied. People use lemon juice to lighten the colour tone of their skin and freckles, and sometimes on areas like the arms to correct tan lines. Because of lemon juice’s ability to lighten the skin, it is a great tool to help fade freckles. Some freckles will even fade to the point where they are no longer visible, although some will fade but still stay. Unfortunately, this takes time and will take more than just a few days to work effectively.

Directions and Use:

Dab undiluted lemon juice on the skin to lighten up tan lines or freckles before going to bed and let it dry out. Wash off in the morning after waking up and repeat every night. The skin should start to lighten and freckles can fade – sometimes to the point of disappearing – after a few weeks.


Exfoliating the skin removes the outer layer of skin which is made up of dead skin cells. Frequent, thorough exfoliation helps the skin to rejuvenate itself, even to the point where the concentrated melanin deposits (freckles) are removed and new, spot-free skin replaces the area.

Directions and Use:

DO NOT exfoliate more than once in one session and DO NOT exfoliate two days in a row. You need to give your skin time rejuvenate and give the new skin (underneath layers) time to adapt to becoming the new outside layer of skin. DO NOT scrub until your skin starts to go red or pink and DO NOT scrub until it starts to feel painful. After a good exfoliation, your skin will look shiny and polished. DO NOT exfoliate more than twice a week. The reason why you should not exfoliate too much, too often or too hard is because the point of exfoliation is to remove the uppermost layer of skin which consists of dead skin cells and overdoing it will lead to the removal (and damage) of the healthy, living skin layers which you want to be as healthy and untouched as possible to look good and rejuvenate into better looking skin. DO NOT scrub until freckles disappear and DO NOT scrub until freckles appear lighter. Just do a light scrub twice a week with a few days of ‘rest’ in-between sessions and after a few weeks, the speeding up of skin renewal brought on by exfoliation will lead to the gradual removal of the concentrated melanin formations. You will not see any differences after the first few exfoliations but freckles can fade or disappear after a few weeks to months.
One of the most popular exfoliation methods is the use of exfoliation gloves that can be purchased at most supermarkets. These gloves don’t cost too much and can be re-used over and over again. You simply put the gloves on before going into the shower or bath and then lather them with soap and water (which creates a soapy lather similar to a scrunchie). Rub the skin all over your body with the lathered gloves in circular motions and rinse when done.

Another popular method of exfoliation is through the use of pastes that contain a grainy or sandy substance that can buffer the skin. You can purchase these pastes at stores or make them at home by using combinations like baking soda and water, salt (smooth salt only because the larger, coarse salt can hurt the skin) and olive oil or even mud made with clean, treated sand and water. Rub the exfoliating paste onto the skin in circular motions for a few seconds and then rinse off afterwards.

The lemon juice and exfoliation methods are effective, cheap and easy to do. However, they will take a long time before you start seeing a difference in freckle reduction. There are, however, other methods of freckle removal that are more instant, but are more expensive and require the consultation of a professional.

Dermatologists (the skin doctors) offer freckle removal services. If you are interested in this method of freckle removal, ask your doctor for more information and for a referral to a good dermatologist in your area. During a 30 minute to 1 hour session with the dermatologist, he or she will burn off the first (outermost) layers of skin on a freckle to instantly remove it. This does hurt, but the burning off motion takes about a second per freckle and a dermatologist could take off over 50 freckles in a single session. Your skin will need time(usually a few days to two weeks) to heal from this in the areas where the doctor has taken off the freckles and it will look like you have chicken pox with all the red marks (and in some cases, scabs) where the doctor has removed freckles.
Another method of freckle removal is more expensive and uses intensive light pulses which penetrate through to the deepest layers of skin to break up melanin formations. After this light stimulation, the freckles start to break up and disappear after a day or two. This does not damage then skin or make any marks, and actually also helps to keep the skin looking younger.

Well there you have it, who said you couldn’t have the body you want!? 
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Jumat, 27 Mei 2016

TIP 3 Make Money With Facebook

 5 Ways To Make MoneyWith Facebook - Must Read! Make Money With Facebook is the desire of everyone but only few people do it. Here I will tell you about the TOP 5 ways to make money on Facebook.
Following Il show for you 5 ways to make money with Facebook.
1. Facebook Applications: If you are a application developer then there is no limit on the earning. You can make some interesting applications and can let people use them. Today, Facebook application developers are making money like anything. If you are interested in developing an application but do not know how to do it, or if you have an idea about an application but do not have a technical knowledge then you can hire someone to do this task for you. After developing an application, if you are not able to market it properly then you can make money by selling it to someone with full rights.

 2. Facebook Games: Not only the virtual money, but you can also earn some real money by playing Facebook games. Today, a lot of games like FarmVille are popular on Facebook. When you start playing a game then a lot of people come in your connection. You may buy, sell animals, crops, seeds and farms etc. If you want to make some real cash and in a very short time then you can sell your harvested farm to someone other.

3. Facebook Groups: People want Facebook Groups for their own purposes. Many people are unable to make the popular Facebook groups and are ready to pay if someone can provide them. If you have some spare time then you can do this activity. By creating Facebook groups for someone you can make some good cash. But, this work requires patience and time because people join groups slowly.

4. CPA Offers: You can offer your friends some CPA offers. For this purpose you can join a good CPA offer/websites and find a product that is providing you a good commission. After setting a website and putting your affiliate link to it. You can tell friends about your new website. People, by visiting your website, may buy the product from your affiliate link and you earn commission.

5. Facebook Fan Pages: Believe or not, fan pages are the greatest source of income of all Facebook users. You can make $500 Everyday with Facebook Fan Pages. I am also making near about $500 everyday with my Facebook fan pages. Actually, fan pages are easy to develop and use. You need not to do any hard work to make money from Facebook Fan page. $500 daily is not hard with fan pages. Visit Google and find $500 Everyday with Facebook Fan Pages! and you will find some great results. You may apply this method to make some huge money.
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How To Make Money With HubPages

If you are looking for an online solution to make money online, there are a lot ways to earn money online like hubPages.So review step by step instructions as stated below.

What is HubPages?

HubPages is a free service to write your ideas in the form of article writing.Where you can write your ideas, interests while make some money online.HubPages is a way of communicating to experts like you with some unique tools to share your unique ideas.HubPages is a platform that translates your ideas that helps you build some readership and earn you with some contextual ads published by google adsense or some affiliate sites e.g. Amazon, Ebay etc. Read more....

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Make Money Online With Your Website

How To Make Money Online Through Your Own Website. Affiliate Marketing is not difficult to start. There are several ways of becoming a marketing affiliate and several business models that can be used. While you can be an affiliate marketer without having your own website, having one is always better, makes it a lot easier and provides you extensive and unlimited reach. And having a tool that would let you easily and quickly create and launch your own website is a significant advantage.

Who Are Affiliate Marketers?

Affiliate Marketers are those people who promote products of vendors/product owners for a share in the revenue (by way of commission) when they make a sale of such products.

Is It Difficult To Start As An Affiliate Marketer?

For a neophyte in the internet business, it could appear complicated and sometimes extremely frustrating. However, a good and easy way would be to emulate other people who have been successful and proven themselves on the business. First question that you would likely ask yourself would be: what product to promote. In this regard, you can start by leveraging any of the products being offered in any of the existing affiliate networks. There are several online marketplaces where lots and lots of vendors make available their products for anyone to promote as affiliates and in the process earn generous commissions. Online marketplaces like Pay Dotcom or Click Bank are very good examples of this. And they are quite easy to use. All you need to do is open an account with them and you can start promoting products in the marketplace and earn commission income.

Your Own Website - An Indispensable Tool

There are several ways to promote. One way would be through emails or using the online social networks (e.g. Facebook or Twitter). You can do this without having your own website. However, having one is always better, makes it a lot easier and provides you extensive and unlimited reach.

In the past, the technical challenge or barrier to design, build and launch your own website was quite daunting especially for those just starting out and without any technical background or knowledge. However, thanks to advances in technology, particularly in terms of software. There are now a number of extremely good tools in the market that would let you easily and quickly create and launch your own website. Obviously, you need to make sure that the tool provides all the basic things you would need to successfully launch your website. Here are some of the functionalities that a good tool should have:

a. A set of professionally looking templates that would give you a head start (and eliminate the need for you to hire professional help which could be very expensive - something you dont need when you are just starting)
b. All the basic pages you typically need (a sales page, product review page/s, privacy policy, terms, contact information, etc.) which you can customize to reflect the look, feel and content that you want
c. A base content which you can either use per se or revise/add
d. Facility to upload of your site to your server automatically and easily
e. A customer-friendly wizard and/or training videos that walk you through the whole process
f. Capability to link or integrate with proven online marketplaces in a breeze

If the tool has the above as a minimum, it would save you (if you are just starting) a lot of time, grief, frustration and money over doing it yourself or hiring help (e.g. website designers and programmers, graphic artists, copywriters, freelancers, etc) which could cost you a fortune!

Hopefully the above takes the mystery out of affiliate marketing and website launching and provides you with a compelling incentive to start your own affiliate marketing business. You may encounter some difficulties initially. But the most important thing is to take action, to go out there and explore, learn and emulate others who have been successful in the business. You are on your way to making money from your affiliate marketing website business!

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Kamis, 26 Mei 2016

This article is not for beginners but for those people who are already making money with blogging. There are lot of ways to make money with blog including Ad sense,  Amazon Affiliate Program, Chitika, Selling E books, direct advertisement and video lectures. These are conventional ways which are productive and beneficial for making huge sum of money with Blogging but in 2014 only Social Media Advertising, Online Content Marketing is required to make online Money with blogging in now days.

Good Content + Social Media Marketing + Content marketing = Successful Blog in 2014

Social Media Marketing

Make Money in 2014
Today Social Media marketing is not to tell friends about your blog but to develop an vast circle of friends and include people who are not your friends also in this circle which is actually called as fan following but it can only be effective when you are producing good enough content. You must find people who actually have interest in your blog topic, you send them your new writings, you tell them how effective you are in content writing, and integrate all social media plug-in including face book, pin it, tumbler, twitter, and linked in e.t.c.

Second step is make list of all those people on social media and grab them into your followers list and update them regularly about your writing.

Third step is to spend some money on Facebook by buying out advertisement and tracking out all twitter tweets of your favorite bloggers and keep them update about your new blogs. I can only say that interacting with people, making them friends, and them making them regular readers is all about social media attraction in 2014 which is essence of success for all blogs because organic traffic from search engines for blogs is successfully replaced by traffic from social media websites with advantage of having regular readers is key to success for Blogs in 2014.

Online Content Marketing

This is not a new terminology in blogging in 2014 but it is an older term which is enriched with new ideas to make successful blog in 2014. When you are writing an blog then you must also write an eBooks which must be full of your ideas, research, blogs, and all material you want to share with readers. Second form of content marketing is guest posting and pasting links on other blogs. When you write for other’s blog then you are actually doing marketing of your own blog an similarly is pasting advertisement of your content by sending emails to people you know and adding them to your email subscription list. There is all very popular tactic of marketing is pasting advertisement of your online content on online forums which is very useful in 2014 because many people consult online forums for good matter and blogs on various topics.

These are few methods for adopting an online strategy for successful blogging in 2014 which is social media and online content marketing.
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