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How to Prepare a Relaxing Bath with Avon

Its time once again for Avons Bath and Body event.
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Taking your time to relax to reduce stess and make you feel good about yourself. A warm bath can help relax tensed nerves. It can also improve your health... not just beauty health! Here are our top tips and Avon products to help get you get to the relaxed state you want to be in.

1) Use an inflatable bath pillow to rest your neck while you are bathing. You can normally find them in any bath/bed/linen shop. Light a few scented candles but keep them away from towels or clothing.

2) Find some of your favorite music to play, but dont have electrical equipment close to water.

3) Run your bath until it is a comfortably hot temperature, be careful not to make it too hot.

4) Pour in a few caps of Avons Gourmand Bubble Bath. Soak away stress in a tubful of warm bubbles, delightfully fragranced with notes of fresh berries, sweet cake, and rich truffles. Order here. On sale now $2.99

4) Carefully climb into the bath, and relax in the warm water. Cotton pads soaked in ice cold water can be placed over the eyes while you rest, to remove puffiness, or chilled slices of cucumber.

5)  Bathe with Avons Naturals lavender and chamoline shower gel. The scent is like real Lavender and chamomile, so calming and pleasant. SAVE 66% While Supplies Last! On sale now for $1.99.

 6) When you decide to get out of the bath, blot yourself dry, and finish by applying body lotion or moisturizer. Hot water removes natural oils from the skin. Your prescription for hydrated skin is 
MOISTURE THERAPY Intensive 4-Piece Body Care Set . Reg $23.50. On sale now for $9.99. 

7) Afterwards keep relaxing and pour yourself a warm cup of tea.

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