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This is the second version of "make money with public domain images using amazon".
In the first part I describe you how to make money with pdf cds selling on amazon.Which is a simple and less effort thing to do .Today the second method is here in which i give you some guidelines to create a real poster and selling it at amazon.
For this task you just need a simple colorful printer,a internet connection and the most important thing public domain images.

So you buy a printer,You have the right kind of public domain images but all things is waste of time when you do not do niche research.You have to found a appereciate niche which is profitable it can be love posters,world war poster, WPA poster and many much like this i prefer using Google trends to do your niche research.

I can give some suggestion The WPA poster and world war poster are the best poster that is liked by most of the people so I prefer to build poster on these niche theme.

So are you ready for money making

Yes but you dont think we have to do some more,If you just create poster from public domain images then your poster is do not liked by anyone.So I prefer to give some uniqeness to your public domain images see the list of image editing software by which you can give your public domain images a new look.

After all the above work is done you can proceed to money making portion of this strategy.Follow this steps to make money.

1.You have niche topic,public domain images related to your niche,printer,poster sized blank white paper all the work is done excluding the last part printing.

2.Print your all public domain images in different poster.

3.You can also cover them with plastic sheet to make them water and dirt 

4.Choose a fixed,low and affordable price.

5.Go to amazon vendor account and sell them.

Tips to successful

1.You can also setup a real shop at your city,hometown and other place this is a great way to generate some more income.

2.You can also supply this poster to a proffesional stationary store and can make money.

3.You can advertise your poster on your own website and blog

4.if you have little and no money you can checkoutt this post "9 steps to make a poster at zazzle".

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