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November 9, 2010
Re:  Avon Healthy Makeup Eyeshadow, select shades and codes (see below)
This is to advise you that select shades of Healthy Makeup Eyeshadow, were produced with missing or incorrect ingredients. Avon is therefore conducting an urgent recall of this product. This product is featured in the Campaign 20 What’s New and in the Avon Brochures, beginning with Brochure 20.
The Shade Names and Lot Codes of the Healthy Makeup Eyeshadow affected by this recall can be found on the label on the bottom of the product.
The shade being recalled because it contains an incorrect color pigment ingredient is:
  • Violet Dusk
    Codes: MGA01, MG301, MG401, MHD01, MIG01, MIH01, MJA01, MJB01
The shades being recalled for missing preservative ingredients are as follows:
  • Platinum:
    Codes: MH501, MIA01, MH101, MIN01, MJB01, MJD01, MJE01, MJS01 and MJT01;

  • Rose Satin:
    Codes: MIO01, MIN01, MJT01;

  • Tiger’s Eye:
    Codes: MHQ01, MH501, MIA01, MI301, MJD01, MJE01,
    MJS01, MJR01, MJY01;
  • Iced Mocha
    Codes: MIJ01, MIM01, MJB01, MJD01, MJS01, MJT01,
    MJZ01, MHX01, MHY01;
  • Lilac Ice
    Codes: MH401, MH501, MJB01, MJT01;

  • Limestone
    Codes: MHZ01, MH101, MIJ01, MII01, MI401, MI408, MJU08, MJU01, MJA01.

In addition, these six shades are missing other minor ingredients.
We are not aware of any health-related complaints involving these shades. However, this return is being requested to prevent the possibility of the products becoming contaminated and posing a risk of causing eye infection due to the missing preservatives. These specific shades of Healthy Makeup Eyeshadow have been removed from sale.
If you ordered one of these shades of Healthy Makeup Eyeshadow Call your Avon Representative.
We apologize for the inconvenience.  As you know, Avon is committed to maintaining high product quality and safety standards.
Thank you for your help and on-going support.

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