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What to sell for money

Hi sorry for delay from 2-3 days i am not posting anything.But today i come with these making money with public domain images idea on what to sell for money
What to sell for money {making money with public domain images}

what to sell for money is a big question.Ask yourself will you buy this product if you are a customer.you want all customer to buy this product but this product not get sales before it is a masterpiece.Make it a masterpiece then head to ground for promotion.

Many people are similar to you they are creating same product like yours,Why people buy your product instead of your competitors.I think if your work is fulfill with U.C.I definitely more people like your brand and your product.

More uniqueness your work contains more people like your product.Uniqueness is like magnet it pulls everyone towards it.Create unique,give unique and get results unique from other.

creativity what is this?In my words creativity are the thoughts come inside in boundaries of our mind like how far you can think.Creativity helps you to get more people think about your work. Think out from boundaries the more creative you are more creative work you can do and it also help in getting more uniqueness to your product

Why you are here.This is simple you want information on making money with public domain images.And like you every one on the web want information.People love Google why?Because it provide information.Webmaster want information about their customer,customer want information about services.The more informative your work is the more people understand your services and you. Which helps you build better connection with your audience.

One last tip keep your price low as much as you can,people dont like big terms.Keep it under two digits number like 77,11,24,36,37 anything just two digit.

Remember content is the king keep your content level high and i promise you you going to get much sales

share your ideas with us in comments or simply contact me at manojababe@gmail.com

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