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Adding a public domain bonus product to your biggie amazon product

 People like word free,they want free products,People grab anything which are for free.Free products are like heart of a paid service people want to examine the paid products and making people comfortable buying and using your product I create this post adding a bonus product to your biggie amazon product.

Before we start discussing few days ago I post a topic making money with amazon and public domain images you have to take a look to this post before you start reading.
Make a bonus product
adding a bonus product to your biggie amazon product.So lets start marketing a product is much more difficult then creating a hot selling product.If you remember We discuss some techniques to market your product like creating a website or blog.But today the concept is totally different here we read he most common and effective technique which i give the name the free technique.

One of the best technique of marketing is firstly giving some free resources and then offer them the biggie product this technique is used by everyone and it is quite successful then others.

Whenever I create a product to sell on amazon with it I create a product that is free.We called it a bonus product.I use public domain images for it collect 50 images convert them to PDF or digital eBook and attach them and give them away for free with my paid product.Sometimes I also use my blog content for this purpose just create a eBook on how to reuse public domain images and then do same for this.

For example

1.You create a public domain image CD
2.No one buy your product
3.Sometime later you thought you have to add some bonus in it
4.You collect some article on how to re-purpose public domain images
5.Create a eBook and 
6.Give it away for free with your product.
7.And after completing you said this is so simple

create a bonus product for your amazon product and stay happy
This is so simple also you can use our blog content on your website,blog and eBooks but you have to give us a hot link or you can contact our writer to write for your blog

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