Sabtu, 16 April 2016

Find Ideas To Public Domain Success

From many days today I am going to share some real in my blog.Today I going to tell my story to success with public domain how I survive on the internet and how I utilize Public domain works in it.

How I find Ideas to my success

Firstly and foremost I download lots of public domain world war poster in my hard disk at that time i am just of 14 years.Everyone Told me this all are just talk there is nothing in online business but i have to make money online.I research a lot and Pull out some great ideas some of them are listed below.

Zazzle- The best Print on Demand company online.I used it on the first number You can place your images on their products and when it sells you got some commission from it.A great way to make money with old poster art.Place them on t-shirts,plates,mugs,coffee mugs and much more.

Images website- You all know people love old vintage art images and collecting them to create a exhibition site for them is great way to enhance your visitors.Point them to your website and make money with ads program like linkbucks,ad sense and much more.

Content website- Build a content website By mixing Public Domain videos,software,PLR articles and Public domain images and sell your public domain products there.Sell your affiliate products or generate revenue by selling ads space and build your customer mailing list.

Create own Public Domain Products- I created many Public Domain products and sell them at my Websites.I created Many Courses Like Facebook Marketing which I am giving here for free and many traffic generation eBooks with PLR content.

This is a series of blog posts so stay tuned for coming blog post where i give you ideas for traffic generation and at third post more free tips are waiting for you

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