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make money from Youtube traffic
This one is the best to make money from Youtube traffic Variety is the beauty of CPA offers and they appeal to a very large audience(Unlikethe info products whose appeal is limited to a selected ,specific audience). Today I will share some tips on how to enter into the CPA networks(This is for the newbies only.Experienced marketers  please move over to the next section)

Getting in to a CPA network is what most newbies find very difficult.It’s not so.Follow the below mentioned techniques so that you can easily enter into any CPA network.

How to choose A Reliable Network

While entering a CPA network,you should always take their reputation and paying history in count. The no of offers,their variety as well as the payouts are other factors to take into consideration. Below is a list of some of the best affiliate networks:













After choosing a few networks follow the below mentioned procedure to be easily get accepted

Some Tips to easily get accepted into the CPA networks

i)First of all fill up the application form correctly.If you can create a decent looking site with few articles in it then OK otherwise create a FREE blog with http://Blogger.com

While stating your traffic stats you should always try to inflate your figures.My experience says that 5,000-10,000 UNIQUES per month is enough to get them interested(If you state that your site or blog receives only 200 uniques per month then I don’t think anyone is going to pay attention to your application).While providing them your traffic stats don’t forget to state that most of the traffic comes via PPC.

ii)Pick Up The Phone:
This is the most crucial point in the whole process .You should always try to phone them yourself than waiting for them to contact you.Srugg off your shyness for a while and explain them everything in detail:
The most probable questions will be related to your site,your Internet marketing experience and the methods you use to drive State that you have 2 years of internet marketing experience.If they ask about the other networks you are working with then tell the names of a few other major networks.

If asked about the monthly traffic of your site,go for something between 5000-10000 unique visitors.

Most networks put the most emphasis on the methods you are going to use to drive traffic to the offers.In this case tell them that PPC advertising is your main traffic-getting method.You can also add article marketing,e-mail marketing and banner advertising as your other traffic sources.

If they ask why you use PPC tell them that it allows you to test any offer in an extremely short period of time and provide you with one of the most targeted traffic.

Some of the networks might also ask you about what kind of offers you had the most success with.Tell them that you run anything that converts.You may also tell them about some specific niches like Bizz opportunity,insurance,health and dating etc.

The most successful networks are also the busiest ones so you should never wait for them to call you.Instead take the initiative and get the ball rolling.These networks are always in search of resourceful affiliates so once you answered their questions satisfactorily,you should have no problem in getting accepted.

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