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Promote Your Public Domain Ebook

Making a eBook is not too much complicated but promoting it makes you cry.Many people go wrong ways while promoting eBooks and ended up with nothing in their hand.I also comes in those guys who did things without thinking about the result and this is the most bad practice for a public domain marketer.

Things get started with a plan 

Plan yeah plan everything you want to do in future to make some bucks around.Plan what you have and how you can create a masterpiece from this and then represent this in the front of all the world.

So really what a plan look like

For me a plan has three points Collecting,Making,Representing!

1.Collecting - Collect everything you can,Collect every public domain images you can download,collect PLR articles,Public Domain text,books in public domain everything you have.Collect it and save it to a good place in hard disk.

2.Making - The most fun part of my Money making routine.In this youll have to creative and just creative.Mix everything you have and create a masterpiece.

3.Representing - The most difficult and time consuming task in our Money making campaign and today i will discuss and teach you something about this topic.

so what really a presentation means

You know what is first look.Everybody says that first look is last look and the first impression you give to your buyer can be the last for them for you.So be careful and gentle. After you create the eBook you just have to promote/present it on the web.

How to promote Your eBook?

So i writing few lines Thats will give you some idea on online promoting.

1. Create a clean looking website - Create a website that attract people not That one who have lots have ads in it and buyer doesnt see anything at that ads storm.Be clean and place maximum three ads on your website page thats on Header , Side bars and Footer. If you place ads in middle of you post you are likely to lose your visitors.

2. Create small Traffic generation website - You have millions even billions of article so why dont use them.Create small niche website That points to your website to make some traffic.In this way you can Create some back links and traffic too.

3.Create some more Free eBooks - Create some free eBook with your website link in them and post them on public forums free eBook distributing website and possible place you know great way to get some Real buyers from this.

4.Email list building - Build your list and be the money beast.Yes Email advertising is one of the best method to generate traffic or sales.Building list are easy free thing attract people and you have thousands of free public domain content why Dont just Throw it away to users and Force them to join your list Then send them updates about your Product.

5.Use Your articles - Again you have millions of free PLR articles why dont use them.There are Many free website who give you the opportunity to showcase your content at There website and You can generate traffic and back links from there website.Rewrite your some content and Submit them to website like squidoo,Hubpages and make some traffic.

And there are many ways in which you can promote you eBook This post continues next post i will Describe the creating part.

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