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AdFly - The URL shortener service that pays you! Earn money for every visitor to your links.

How to make easy money using and twitter. 

With this method, you can post RSS feeds Automaticly to a Twitter account or account so you can earn money even while you sleep!!!

What do you need?

An Account

learn how to create account

Get paid to share your links!

A Twitter Account

( )

A Twitterfeed account

( )

Step 1: Create and login to your adfly account using the link above and then click the "Advanced Settings" button in and go to "shorten link through", there is a drop down box beside it, open it up and scroll to the bottom and select "Custom", Leave it empty for now and go back to, while logged in to go to the top of the page and click Tools, on the tools page go to "API Documentation" and click.

On this page you will see a link that looks like this

# represents your id and key.

Make a note of this, or keep it open in another tab, you will need it in a second. 

Step 2: Look for interesting feeds. Maybe some news, blogs, or anything. Make it look professional so you can gain more followers. Aim for English-US audiences in mind as its the Top-tier.

Step 3: Create your Twitter account and then a twitterfeed account. Link both of them. exposing its an link.

Step 4: Add RSS feeds to your twitterfeed account.

For example, it we were going to add the filehippo feed, the link would go like this:

Step 5: In twitterfeed "Shorten link through" choose custom and paste this link

Make 10$ per day with Adfly & Twitter facebook

Now take your key and uid and place it in this link (replace the # with your key and uid)

Step 5:Add a lot of feeds, but not too much. We dont want to scare people right?. Add a lot of friends and youre ready to go.

You can use your own custom domain names or sub domains to work on Twitter & facebook

A custom domain name allows you to use your own domain with . So when you shrink a link in your account, instead of it looking like:

it will look like:

The shortened URL will be branded like your website, giving increased confidence to your visitors that the destination website is in fact what they are looking for.

If someone else has abused our service in the past and the domain has been blocked, this is not fair on you. Now by using your own domain - you are in full control.

Hope this help you to earn a LOT OF MONEY!

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