Minggu, 20 Maret 2016

Products You Cant Live Without

Aol shopping had an article "Top products you cant live without". The two Avon products below made the list. 

Anew Clinical Advanced Wrinkle CorrectorAnew Clinical Advanced Wrinkle Corrector The last thing a woman wants is to wake up, face the mirror and say, "You look a hot mess!" Hot mess no more! I cant live without Anew Clinical Advanced Wrinkle Corrector ($18). Its been six months of bliss. While sleeping our pores are open. This cream seeps into the skin fighting fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin smooth and supple. Apply nightly on a clean face. Use sparingly. Apply on the neck also. A youthful appearance should be on both face and neck. Youll look like you had a face lift in your sleep! Added bonus: put makeup on and your skin glows!! This is effortless beauty!" -- Classy Lady

Skin So Soft Bath OilSkin So Soft Bath Oil
"I have dry skin that tends to scale and flake in extreme weather. Lotion alone does not keep me sufficiently moisturized. I use Skin So Soft Bath Oil (from $13), in both the Original and Soft & Sensual formulas. This oil locks in moisture and leaves me smelling great. I only apply the oil on wet skin. After I leave the shower, while my skin is still wet, I smooth the oil over my body. Then I take my towel and pat, not rub, my skin dry. I constantly receive compliments from both men and women on how soft and smooth my skin is." -- ShawnTe

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