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make money with your public domain image website
make money with your public domain image website

Hi In my many prvious post I repeatly saying you that make website to advertise your product but did you know you can also make money with your website.I suggest you to start a images site that contains public domain images and giving this images for free.You all know that free website are the best running site on the web and when your website starting getting visitor You can make money with your website traffic by many different ways.

So how to setup a site for free

Yes you can setup a site for free.Many website out there on the web giving you the opportunity to make free website with them.You can checkout the list of websites to make a free website.

Signup for any website from above list,And follow my this step to make money with your public domain website.

1.cpc network
The first way to make money with your website is ppc network.PPC network show some ads on your website and when someone clicks on this ads you got the money,this is so simple.You just have to generate traffic constantly on your blog and website to make money with this networks.
Just provide great content by which you can get more traffic.You can check out a list of ppc networks here

2.Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is the best but not easy way to make money online.Affiliate marketing means when you advertise someone products on your blog or website and visitor from your site click and buy the product you got some percentage of money this is called affiliate marketing.
Affiliat marketing needs a niche site so make your public domain site on a niche and then advertise products related to it.
List of affiliate programs

3.Sell ads space
If you are site is great anyone want to give you money for ads.Firstly build your impression then market your products.Build a great contant site and sell ads space on it.

4.Market your own product
You can sell your own photos on your website firstly give them some free public domain images then offer your valuable photographs to them.

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