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The Domain Parking method is probably the easiest to make more money with the Youtube traffic. All you to do is to register a domain, point it to a parking company and chose a design for your site and select a topic for it. Theyll buid pages for your site showing the ads. Youll be redirecting your viewers to your parked domain which has nothing more than a bunch of attractive ads on it, your visitors will be clicking on these ads and youll be getting paid by your parking company.

Its as simple as that. Its like leasing out your virtual real estate(your domain). This is probably the easiest way of making money online(much easier than even Adsense). You dont have to design a site, you dont have to create content, you dont have to pay the hosting bills and youll getting paid for months after months just for redirecting traffic to the parked site. There are some important points you have to follow while going for "Domain Parking"

1.Youll be including your main keyword in your domain name

This is simple psychological point.Suppose you have put a video related to Health niche, then your viewers will be most interested in some health related offers. If you place a link like http://howmakemoneywithtwitters.com in that video then you can yourself imagine about the results.While inserting a link like: http://howtoloseweightfast.com will dramatically increase the traffic to your domain manifold.
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2.You should never put a clickable link in the video

This is the warning if you use any software to insert clickable links in your videos. Domain parking companies want only "type in" traffic, meaning the visitors should type the name of your domain in their browsers. The same thing applies to the description part. Youll not be inserting any clickable link in the description too. You can use this part to drive your viewers back to the link in the end of the video by saying something like this:“To get the further information,copy-paste the link at the end of the video in your browser”

3.You should not re-direct too much traffic to a single domain

This is something like the CPA.If you directs too much traffic to a parked domain and it doesn’t convert then the company may suspend your domain. To avoid this you should register multiple domains(This is not expensive either.You can get .info domains at Godaddy for as little as $0.99).By dispersing your traffic over several domains,you’ll be removing the risk of getting banned as well as improving your clickthrough rates.This method alone brings me an extra $1,500-$2,000 per month with extremely little amount of work(Mostly from “Leeched” videos and 99 cents .info domains).

There is virtually no limit on the no. of domains you can register with domain parking companies(And obviously on the no. of videos you can leech).In fact,this method in itself has the potential to make you $100-$300 and even more per day.Most of these companies have the option of paying you via PayPal and bank wire.

Below is a list of some of the best “Domain Parking” Companies:


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