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Make Money Online With BuySellAds

If we say Internet is a 24/7 marketing medium then it will not be wrong. It is global platform where people look for information to resolve their problems. If you use this platform to market them the crucial information or online product and solve their problems, in return they pay you for the solutions. If you are a blogger and maintaining a blog for months or years now and have not been making money online from it, then you are omitting an important part of being a blogger. It is not a necessity for a blogger to make money in Pakistan from the blogs he maintains.
Make Money Online

However, who doesnt need to make money these days? With the very challenging society and lifestyle, we have today; we grab every opportunity for money making . One of the most hopeful fields for making online money these days is through blogging. You can generate your revenue by putting ads on your blog. In today’s article we are discussing about buysellads.com which is used on 0.4% of all websites. It has developed by 39% in the last year (as of November 2011) and ranks as the 16th fastest-growing online advertising company. It was named as a finalist in the 2010 MITX Technology Awards. In recent years it revenue was $8.5 million.

How you can generate revenue through buysellads.com?

    • Your site must be 3 months old (at least).If you have built your site recently then you should be patient for 3 months and then you can generate your revenue.
    • Your site must have 30,000 impressions per month. If you haven’t such visitors then buysellads.com will not approve your site for their ads.
    • It is recommended you to not to use a free domain like .blogspot.com or wordpress.com. To generate revenue you have to invest something after all.
    • The presentation of your site really means a lot. Nothing bangs a professional looking blog. It actually depends on what type of blog you are maintaining. However, when we talk about business, your site must be in simple, neat, and presentable manner. No advertisers will like their products to be displayed in a blog with a centenary of everything.
    • If you are seeking for advertisement on your site having some sort of pornographic, sexual or explicit contents then be careful on that because a decent advertiser will never wish to post his ads on a pornographic category. On such sites you defiantly will get ads from pornographic sites which may not be useful for you.
    • As English is an international language so your web must be in English language because then a common internet user easily can interact with your site.
    • For approval form buysellads.com you must have 50 or more articles on your site.
    • The Alexa Rank is very important in working with buysellads, they that manage statistics related to the world of web and your site should not be in lower than 100k in page rank before they accept your application.
    It is recommended you to read buysellads.com criteria and terms and conditions before you submit your site for approval.

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