Rabu, 30 Maret 2016

 Earn More Money Online With Youtube Facebook And Twitter

1) Go here: http://adf.ly/

2) Register by clicking "Join NOW"

3) Fill in the required information

4) Choose a link that you want to shorten

5) Put it in the box in the upper middle of the Adf.ly homepage and press "Shrink"

6) Press copy and paste the link somewhere where people will click it

7) IMPORTANT NOTES: The more clicks the more money. You must NOT click on your own links more than once. You earn money when people click on your Adf.ly link

Do not use bots at all, they will never work.. You will get banned if you do try to use them..

If you do not have adf.ly account can you create an account through the following link

ADF.LY Earn More Money Online with youtube facebook and twitter

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