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Building Public domain directory

Building a Public Domain directory Can Be a Effective way to use Public Domain for Profits.You can Download Public domain content And Collect Them In one website,Just add one search bar in Your Website and you are all done.Creating A Public domain directory can be easy and Also give you More results In less Efforts.If You have a bunch Pf Public domain Images, Software,PLR articles,Stories and More You can Easily Make a Public Domain Directory.

But firstly You have to choose which hosting you want to go with For making your Public domain directory.For me The weebly is a best Place to do this As you can see my own Public domain images directory is made on weebly So I also recommend you to Build your directory there. You dont have any restrictions on bandwidth But the one problem is there you can not Upload anything bigger than 5 MB At one time This is very little problem I think you never mind it.

Next and most important question is that what to put i your public domain directory?Dont worry below are some great Ideas on what to put in your public domain directory.

what to put in your public domain directory.

1.Public domain images- You can find them easily anywhere on internet or I prefer you to download them from mu website are favourite of everyone and also They are free to use for commercial use.

2. Public domain sounds- We are not saying to Put public domain music In these category you put world war sounds.The sounds of world war,They contains lot of things in them.Sounds of bullets,Cannons,People crying and many things they are great things to put in your public domain directory.

3.Public domain music- Here comes the Public domain music.Vintage music are great to hear and many people around the works like them,One of those like me.People spending a lot on this music and giving
This music them for free can give you more traffic and audience,

4.Plr articles and Ebooks- Download them and collect them in your public domain directory Public domain articles and Ebooks are very needed by Internet marketer and they also spend a lot of money for them.

5.Public domain stories and Poetries- Popular Poetries and stories are now in public domain so Including them to your public domain directory can help you so much to gain traffic and popularity easily.

They are some common things to put on your public domain directory but there are lot of other things That you can place in your public domain directory like your public domain zazzle products,Free world war films and much more

The basic idea behind building your directory is to make money from your cpc and linkbucks revenue so take action and head to ground for making your free public domain directory.

Best Of luck

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