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Make Posting Ads Online


People even wonder how does simple task of posting Ads on the internet over free classified sites will get you money. Yes this is true and it is possible to earn money posting Ads either for you or for someone else.

The real opportunity comes from the fact that there are hundreds of Free Classified sites round the globe which can be used for this purpose. There are thousands of people who visit them just making more than billion hits a day. Those billion impressions are really helpful to make money online.

If you want to see what kind of Ads are sensations you need to do a bit of home work on these online free classified sites. You visit some of the largest online Ad sites to understand the trends.

You need to observe the Ads which nearly catch your attention and then study why these Ads are big hit on the internet. On studying you will understand there is a lot of home work and diligence which lies in the successful Ads underneath The Important steps involved which are to be taken care in this type of business opportunity are

Choosing Classified Sites:
You can either post your Ads on more online classified which receives less visitors or you can choose to post Ads on a few Classified sites which receives more traffic, out of which the second the is the better.

Do some research and come to a conclusion the best online classifies and collect them, get the free membership of them and start to post Ads on them at regular intervals.

Post Ads on the Classified Sites:
If you already have a product, website or a service you can directly start promoting by posting the ads of your products.

If you don’t have you own product, you can start promoting the affiliate links in which you have membership in. It works both ways.

Working for Others:
If you don’t want to post for your own ads or other affiliate ads you can look into the other options as well. I have seen some reliable sites which pay you 10 cents for every Ad you post on big Ad networks like Craigslist.

You can also start your own service of posting Ads for small companies on a contract basis which really works. You need do a lot of research and need to get hold of good contacts.

Important Points to Remember:
1. Don’t post the same Ad again and again on the same classified site or you will get banned from that site. If you want to post the same Ad on different places on the same classified site you need to change or alter the Heading and the message in the body. You need to be very careful while posting the ads as sites like Craigslist has a limit of 3 Ads per day and should not post the same Ad.

2. The Classified sites will have many check points to see that you are not spamming their networks. If they find you are posting similar Ads in different categories they may flag your Ads as spam and may remove them.

3. Don’t forget to explore Craigslist which is one of the popular classified sites which attracts nearly half the traffic of the classified sites. Have a look at the successful Ads and how they are posted. Imply the same back while you post your own Ads. E-bay is also a good site to look at because when people see your product or service on E-bay they have the perception that the product is genuine.

4. When you have multiple accounts for the same classified site you need to take care that you are not caught as the person who is spamming their network. You need to take some precautions like

A. Delete cookies and temp files and re-open your browser before you login with another account

B. Switch I.P address like switching off the internet connection and start again in case you don’t have a fixed I.P assigned to you.

Last but not the least I have seen about a dozen sites which will tell you that they provide the AD posting job which they pay you per Ad posted but you need to pay a Fess up front. Any Ad posting service asking you to pay money upfront is a scam and don’t be fooled by them.

When you have site like that Google that site or search in Yahoo to see for any scams, that way you will understand which site is a good one and which is a scam.    

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