Selasa, 05 April 2016

Scamming Online Jobs In Pakistan

Online Jobs Scamming In Pakistan, Since Many years Legitimate Online Jobs Scamming In Pakistan Thousands of people has been lost there Money Legitimate Online Jobs Ad Posting Scamming In Pakistan  There Are Many companies are involved in this scam on of big company is

Legitimate Online Jobs Scamming In Pakistan

               This company located in Australia but all there franchises working in Pakistan why? Because in Pakistan unemployment is increasing in Pakistan day by day so its big market to make people fool. All this company shows there ownership in big country like USA Aus Canada UK. but actually franchisees is working in Pakistan. My friend also cheated by  This company very first ask for package fee I paid them 8000 for mega package for ad posting then working start day and night for 6 six month in my account were 65 dollar and many assignment were rejected without any resign they also cut 15 dollar monthly from my account when i was close to first payment they reject my every assignment after that my account goes 65+ to minus by cutting 15 monthly fee I call to my franchiser i told them this all story he told me  you are not only person so finally i knew this company is fraud so please dont waste your time and money as i lost my 8000  nine month struggle so please be aware Online Jobs Scamming In Pakistan.

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