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Using empowr earnings balance

1. How earnings mature?
Maturation does not depend on how long you have been on empowr. Here how it works:
All the earnings of the month will start to mature at the last day of that month.
Example: All your earnings from all days of Sep, 2015 will start to mature on 30-Sep, 2015.
It will be 60-day matured on 30-Nov, 2015 and will be 90-day matured on 31-Dec, 2015. 

2. How to spend the earnings? 
In order spend your earnings/profits, you have to turn the Earning Preference "ON".
0-day profits: buy Power User, pay Ad Platform fee (if you are a Power User), buy thing in marketplace (if you run Managed Ad Campaign and have empowr score bigger than 500).
90-day matured profits: cash out, buy Power User, pay Ad Platform fee, buy thing in marketplace (if you run Managed Ad Campaign and have empowr score bigger than 500)
60-day earnings matured: fund into Ads, Ad Campaign.
90-day earning matured: fund into Ads, Ad Campaign, pay down utilized Ad Credits (if you already paid Ad Platform fee).

3. There is any difference treatment for the earnings come from difference roles?
No, all earnings come  from difference roles are under the same rule/policies.

4. How to calculate your profits?
You can check how much profits you have by checking this page:

Or calculate yourself by this simply math:
Profits = Total Earnings - Utilized Ad Credits.

5. All the amount in your balance is yours?
Yes and No.
Yes: if you do not have any Utilized Ad Credits and turned OFF the Ad Credits service. The balance now only shows the profits that you made.
No: if you utilized some Ad Credits. You only own the profits that calculated by the formula in the section 4 above.
The balance includes: your profits, utilized Ad Credits, available Ad Credits.

6. Why you have not seen any 60/90 earning matured after a very long long time?
If you have set your Ads, Ad Campaign with continues schedule and your available Ad Credits is "0", system will utilize 90/60 day earnings matured.
If you buy thing, paying Ad Platform fee, buy Power User,.. system will take the most oldest matured profits first.
If you optimized your account and Earning Accelerator is ON, system will upgrade Power User when your profits allows, that mean system will take the oldest matured profits first.
If you wish to see your fully matured earnings, simply stop all activities that listed above.

7. You can access your empowr balance at the top of any page.


Scroll down the mouse wheel to see the available amount for each activities.
To see the matured earnings breakdown, click "details"

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