Rabu, 06 April 2016

Its been a big day for not matching your eye makeup colors on top and bottom. We saw it this morning on Vanessa Romero. And now heres another mismatched eye look on Reese Witherspoon
This is the style she wore to the Avon Foundation For Women Gala:
Her top lids are covered with a soft gray while her bottom lashline is edged with a soft pinky bronze. The gray is kind of a no-brainer, but the shade down below is unexpected and risky--this is the kind of thing that can make dark undereye circles into a big dark, sad-eyed disaster. But I think Reese is actually pulling it off well here, thanks to either good genetics or good concealer. Plus, its stepping out of the box for her, which I appreciate. I wonder how it feels for her to be metaphorically boxless right now. Good, I hope. Id like to see more of it.
What do you think, gang? Are you into this look, too?

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